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Qualité réglementaire

Regulatory quality

Certifications :
- NF EN ISO 9001
- NF EN ISO / CEI 17020
- NF EN ISO / CEI 17025
- COFRAC guides
- Regulation concerning legal metrology

Developpement de laboratoire de metrologieMetrology laboratory development

- Study (definition of infrastructure and capabilities)
- Costing
- Suppliers choice, works supervision
- Project management

Expertises techniques IPFNA et IPFATechnical expertise

- Weighing devices (IPFNA and IPFA)
- Weights, masses, pipettes, …
- Temperature
- Pressure
- Climatic enclosure
- Uncertainty of measurements

Gestion des dossiers d'accréditationFiles management

- COFRAC accreditation
- Approval (periodic verification)
- Certification (manufacturer/ repairer)
- Certification and acceptance of measuring devices
- Regulatory monitoring.

Veille réglementaireRegulatory monitoring

You’re agency director, business leader, service manager? We can help you to put in place and efficiently manage regulatory monitoring.

Prestation personnaliséesConcept+

To meet your specific needs, personalised services can be proposed and developed on demand.

Traçabilité de vos étalonnagesWho we are ?

Metrology Lab Concept company consists of specialists in the domains of metrology and quality.

Thanks to its long operational experience acquired within the legal and scientific metrology, Metrology Lab concept provides you necessary support to obtain accreditation, approval and certification in the areas corresponding to your activities.



We can help you

Project of accreditation, certification or approval in metrology

You need to put in place adequate quality system? We can help you in accordance with the regulatory and normative requirements:
- Defining quality system according to the concerned domain
- Defining necessary implementation means
- Quality system deployment ( internal audits, management review)
- Taking over the relations with the organizations
- Staff training.



Accredited, certified and authorized

You need to assure strict regulatory and standards follow up. We can help you with regards to those requirements:
- Audits
- Trainings
- Supervision
- Supervision of your quality system
- Regulatory and normative monitoring

Project of calibration or accredited tests laboratory installation

We can help you starting from the design phase until accreditation delivery:
- Definition and costing of premises
- Definition of capabilities, furniture and materials installation
- Installations qualification
- Staff training
- Accreditation files
- Relations with accreditation bodies


You would like to acquire or maintain metrological skills:
- Trainings allowing empowerment of your technicians
- Trainings on demand, suitable for your activity (internal or inter-enterprise)

Metrology Lab Concept it’s a registered body of continuing vocational training

Registered under the number 44 67 05704 67.
This recording is not worth approval of the State.



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The laboratories of our partner are accredited by COFRAC and internationally recognized.

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